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Another question for the new c# editor on Rhino 8 for Mac. I used to throw runtime messages to the tiny bubble at the upper right corner of the script editor by calling “this.Component.AddRuntimeMessage(…);”, which seems not working anymore in the new editor.



@woojsung It does work but the problem panel shows an incorrect error:

would you mind confirming this file work?

test_csharp_scriptinstance_component.ghx (15.3 KB)

I’ll get the error in the problems panel fixed.

RH-81345 CSharp scripts shows incorrect error on this.Component of scriptinstance


Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I can confirm that is the case, except that the component turns red in my case. Please see the attached image.

What’s the error message on the component?


I am still on Version 8 (8.5.24072.13002, 2024-03-12), as the 8.6 hasn’t been released, that is probably why. But please see attached. I don’t see a specific error message for it.

Yes. The script runs but the “problem” panel incorrectly shows that error. I have fixed this in 8.7

@eirannejad, What is the ETA of the 8.7? I am still on 8.5, not even 8.6.

We publish a new service release every month (Almost. don’t hold me to it :D) So 8.6 will be out next week (again, don’t hold me to it) and 8.7 Release Candidate will be available the same day (don’t … you get it)


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Oh I see. Can’t wait to test it out!