Addition component to add three ft to the double curved extrusion

I’m working on a conceptual housing project and I’m using a double curved surface to project surfaces. I would like to add three feet on top of the existing domain in the script so that all buildings can have a side window to provide light. I tried some addition components and didn’t have any luck. Because of double curve there are some units that do not move to much in the center and that’s not a problem but I’m trying to add this spacing to provide the most light to the most units in both directions.

Unit Form (71.1 KB)
I’m currently working on the script at the bottom. Ignore the top 3 they are similar.

I want to maintain the same amount of movement so that the visual effect is still the same but with an additional three feet. I’m exploring ways to try and make it conditional so that some of the outer units already have that distance than it only applies to the units that need it but thats a later GH python issue im not getting into now


I wonder what is the benefit of creating a side window per unit. For privacy’s sake, I think it is also problematic. And due to the shape of your base surface, some of the lower right bottom part units have been completely blocked by the side units which also makes your idea not feasible. IMHO, If you’d like to make side windows in spite of all those contradictions, you should at least try to manipulate the base surface shape until you get enough room for side windows per unit in the first place.