Adding thickness to a polysurface in grasshopper

Hello, i´m trying to add thickness to a form created with several surfaces but i can´t get it to look solid. I only got to offset it.

You must do as you do in Rhinoceros. You are at the command here there are not too much magical system.
You could join your surfaces
Move them (or offset)
Extract the borders
Make a Loft or a Sweep2
Then join all surfaces.

Hello Laurent! Thank you for replying my doubt. I´m a beginner in rhino and grasshopper. I would really appreciate if you could show me the code for this actions you are writting to me. Here is the file. (25.1 KB)

Like I said.

Or more simple but not a single solid (22.2 KB)

And a version that soften the edges with Bezier curve (27.5 KB)

And some different border (26.5 KB)

This version use the offset so you have a constant thickness, but the script is a mess (34.6 KB)


This was of so much help, thank you a lot again!

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