Adding roundness to a surface with a crease

I feel like I should know how to do this but hey… here goes.

Making a hull shape with a hard chine (crease) in the surface. The surface is points: u6 v3 degree u5v1

Now I want to add some roundness in the planes above and below the crease. If I insert control points I get another crease.

If I rebuild the surface obviously I lose the crease I’d like to preserve.

So basically I’d like roundness above and below this crease but preserve the crease as it is.

Orca has a system for cheating this by stacking 3 points on top of each other but it’s a nuisance to edit.

Hoping there is a way around that while still working with a single surface.

Hi Ryan - set CreaseSplitting to No, and then ChangeDegree to 3 in the directions that is currently degree 1. Then you can monkey with the points on either side of the crease. Is that any good?
(You may get some weird shading)


Ahhmazing thanks Pascal. This is going to be my cleanest hull yet.