Rhino 7 - surface manipulation

Hi all,

i haven’t found anything that might relate to the situation im currently in, but here is a short rundown of the situation.

So i created a surface (for a boat), and its a u=3, v=3 degree, deformable surface. up to this point, everything has been ok, but since i have manipulated this surface to the point that i can not redo it the same way, i am looking for a way that i can add chines to the surface.
Basically, i am wondering if there is a way, to change a certain portion of the surface to be u/v 3 degree and deformable, then the portion where my chines come should be u/v 3/1 degree and then the bottom hull should be u/v 3/3 degree.

Or if that is not a possibility, is there a way that allow me to have a deformable surface, but somehow it does not affect my chines?

Use InsertKink to create line of control points which can be manipulated into the chine. The location of the kink has to be an isocurve.

After pulling the control points to create the chine you can use DivideAlongCrease to split the surface along the chine. (Note: DivideAlongCrease will only work after the surface is deformed to create a crease). Explode the resulting polysurface into separate surfaces or use ExtractSrf with Copy=No to separate the upper surface. Use ChangeDegree to change the upper surface to degree 1.

@davidcockey - a million times thank You! You saved me from reworking this complete horror surface :smiley: