Adding Brep into a new Family (FamForm) - no geometry passed to Revit


I am trying to add a Brep into Revit using the FamForm component (see image). Once it runs, it creates the family I want to, however, the geoemtry is not visible (note that if I click on select instances the selection appears at approximately 0,0,0).

In contrast, if I use GeoDShape, the geometry is succesfully passed to Revit (see immage - here I am not happy with the meshing Revit produces, but at least I can see it), the problem here is that I am struggling to associate the geometry into a new family (using only rhino.inside).

I am doing something wrong with the FamForm component?
Is there any way to work this issue around? (e.g. converting my Brep into something else?)
I’m using Revit 2019

Here is the file: (1.2 MB)

Thank you!

So this is a tough one. It is possible to get this shape into Revit as a NURBS, but it is very complicated and results in an overly detailed object.

I split the bamboo pole into sections. Then used QuadRemesh on each section to a SUB then to a NURBS that Revit would accept. Of course the results are quite heavy due to trying to capture the bamboo detail. Here is a video on it:

Asking that question, what is the goal of this detailed object in a Revit model? Revit is really setup to hand simplified geometry for LOD 300 BIM models. That means the general shape of the should be accurate, but further detail will overwhelm Revit.

For instance in Revit I might use just a pole. Then add a Bump map to create the Bamboo texture for rendering. This keeps the detail in the right place.

Or of course the 3d model could be constructed in Rhino if the construction detail of the bamboo shape is critical.

Another trick might be to use 2d curves in the Family so the drawing looks cool. I might have to try that.

I look forward to you feedback on this.


I worked on this a bit more. If you take a section of the bamboo pole and simpify the curve then revolve it, the result can get into Revit.

In order to get a better 2d elevation of the bamboo, I added some 2d curves to a sub category. This way the joints show up in the elevations.

It is an interesting challenge. Be aware that Revit does not like small segments or details smaller then 1mm. There is a lot of detail in the joints of the bamboo that needed to be removed.

Bamboo pole (7.5 MB)

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Hi @scottd

Thanks for looking at this and putting some effort on it. I think you got my point very well. There is lots of work and specific reasoning behind the detailed Brep (which mostly lives within Rhino) so I wished to translate it into Revit, however, I was already considering the option of compromising the geometry, especially if I am looking at adding lots of poles. Both your options are promising, so I will play with that and try finding a good balance!

I’ll keep you posted,
Kind regards,