Disabling relay by double clicking

Hello, when your GH script had become very large, there is a chance that you accidentally create unwilling relay component although what you wanted to do is to create a new component by keyboard typing.
This sometimes trigers recompute of entire GH definition, which sometimes take forever.
Is there a way to temporary disabling relay-by double clicking?

Double click is reserved to destroy the relay.
If you don’t want to trigger the huge calculation use DataDam component around the “bottleneck” of your definition.

In addition to risk of initiating a recalculation, the relay itself can consume significant time if it’s a list of many points, for example.

I have stopped using them altogether. Typed parameters are better and faster.

// Rolf

Yes I noticed that as well. Adding also the fact that some components like sliders are renamed to Relay :smiley: