Add/remove knots in MatchSrf

I’m trying to get some surfaces to match up to a given tolerance while adding as few knots as I can(so that further fine tweaking may be possible,) so I’m going through a process of adding knots, matching, running CrvDeviation to check, repeat ad nauseum. It seems like something that could me made part of MatchSrf itself.

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you clearly know this, but why not extract curves, rebuild and get the surfaces you want as opposed to screwing around with match srf?

Well this is a bit different or at a different stage, I’ve got a nice surface that was developed from a, but I need to add just enough complexity to it to get it to satisfactorily match up to its neighbors that I can’t change.

ah…that complicates things a bit- maybe extract curves, use fitcrv to an acceptable tolerance and build a surface from 4 sides, then match? that will give you some more control-

Hi Jim - yep - there’s a YouTrack item - that covers this.