Adapting solar analysis script to existing Rhino geometry

Hi -
I found this solar analysis tutorial (Solar analysis in Grasshopper. A large portion of a building’s… | by Danil Nagy | Generative Design | Medium) that’s perfect for my studio project, but I’m having trouble adapting it to my existing model. The tutorial is for two types of analysis: shading of a park and insolation. I would like to perform both if possible.

I have two Rhino massings I would like to test (see attached): one is a simple set of extrusions, the other more complicated. The park area is in green. Could someone help me get either analysis working with my existing models? Is there a certain way I need to rebuild them in Rhino in order for it to run?

I haven’t gotten very far… I don’t know how to make my existing geometry into panels like the python node does for the existing script.

solar analysis.3dm (742.8 KB) (29.7 KB)