Acoustic panels Muse Fluid By Michael Young

I need an idea to make this wind-flowing pattern.
I tried the K2 wind goal, but the result was not ideal.
It was designed in GH.

Maybe with noise?

I think there are infinite ways to get a result in Kangaroo, it is not easy to be realistic for fabric as there are many parameters, like weight, wind force, number of points, anchors …
Some good discussions are here

you could also gave a try with Flexhopper.
The second thing I see is that there is a recursion in X so it could be good to have a simulation on a cylinder.

Having a bumped surface you can exaggerate it but using its normal, a bit like some light ray on a water surface

Here I use my noise tool and a sinus, but there are many others methods
noise (22.1 KB)


The reference image doesn’t look like wind ripples to me. It looks more like a mesh displaced with some noise function with a bit of anisotropy.


Thank you very much! @laurent_delrieu

a bit like some light ray on a water surface

Yes, you (@DanielPiker @Toni_Osterlund )are right, it is not wind but rather water caustic on the seabed of a shallow shore.
I tried several noise components before asking, but could not get the dancing-curves-align-to-same-direction look, now I think the secret is in the sine component as shown by @laurent_delrieu.


Here a version that is more simplier. Just a geometry mesh, a twisted torus. Noise is applied to the torus then the noise value is applied to a square so you could have a seamless pattern

Not perfect in Y, surely some problem on the surface
noise points (28.7 KB)

And you can deform the torus with whatever you want to get new effects

In 3D

In 2D


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