Accurate tangent fillets between separate 2d or 3d parts?

Hi again,
Did a few searches but I’m probably not searching for the right thing…
Basically, I’m wondering how to create accurate tangent fillets between 2d geometry such as shown here, and if the radii are adjustable after making it. Same goes for a fillet between 3d surfaces, but that actually seems like it might be easier :slight_smile:

Explore the TTR (Tangent Tangent Radius) option in the Circle command.

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Thanks - will do.

Hi John - a few follow-ups:

  1. Is there a way we can create the circle as we select the tangents? I see the circle scaling as I drag, but it then snaps to the preset radius.
  2. How do we select just the arc between the tangent points of the objects and eliminate the rest of the circle?



I found at least one way to create the object - basically, trimming the circles, extruding & capping everything, then boolean-ing.


Is there a better way, in case we have objects with lots of separately-created geometry?
(Also I’m working on figuring out how to clean up the geometry by joining everything before extruding.)


The ‘preset’ as you called it is just the last radius used.
Pick the two curves in the general area where the tangents will go, then TYPE the radius you want, and Enter.

If memory serves, there is a TTR Arc as well, but trimming a circle works too.