Accessing the Bevel command in a script

Hi! I am trying to use the Bevel command in Grashopper for beveling mesh edges. The command is not directly available in GH but I was trying to call it using a GhPython script but I don’t seem to be able to find the method. I looked under the mesh class as well as the subD class and tried searching Rhinocommon for Bevel but nothing comes up. Beveling is quite an important command with regard to meshes and Subds and I can’t figure out why there’s very little trace of it outside of the Rhino command.

This might be noob question but would really appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction.

Thank you

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@Jussi_Aaltonen do you know if it possible to access the Bevel command functionality is a script?

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Have I posted this question in the wrong subforum? I think Bevel was introduced as a part of the SUBD commands so maybe I should post it in the SubD forum?

I changed the subforum.

Hi @puya.kalili , I’m sorry you had to wait for my reply for so long. Bevel command was indeed added as part of the SubD toolset in Rhino 7. And that functionality is neither in the C++ SDK nor RhinoCommon. There are already YT items for these missing interfaces:

  • RH-58668 Expose SubD Bevel to RhinoCommon
  • RH-56362 Bevel: expose core functionality in SDK

@rajaa Bevel command is in the Rhino core written in C++. I don’t see any reason why it could not be called from RhinoScript. As an example when edges are pre-selected:
Rhino.Command "_Bevel _Segments=3 _OffsetMode=_Proportional 1"
For post-selection of edges:
Rhino.Command "_Bevel _Pause _Segments=3 _OffsetMode=_Proportional 1"