About the word kink

Is the word Kink the right word to describe sharp corners or sharp turning points of a curve? I mean I saw the definition on Rhino site and i know it is right but do you really use it to describe a geometry?

Should I use kinky as adjective? Like the loft faild because your curves have kinky corner.

I am asking because if I search this word in English to Chinese dictionaries, there are full of sexual weirdo stuff. I like to know if people using English as native language are hesitate to use this word to describe geometry, because all the pervert sexual meaning of it.

Yep, ‘kinky’ has had sexual connotations in English (and probably other languages) since the 1960’s or so… However its original meaning as a noun is a sharp corner or bend in something that should otherwise be straight. I might avoid using ‘kinky’ as an adjective if you want your meaning to be unequivocally clear, perhaps use “a curve that has a kink (or kinks) in it”.

If you want to be very technical and avoid kinky subjects altogether, you could talk about curves that have one or more ‘fully multiple knots’ - which is the NURBS definition of ‘kink’.


Haha, thanks! Now I understand.

In addition

instead of “kinky” I use “kinked”

“The loft failed because your curves have kinked corners”


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Thank you for telling me this!
I am pretty much sure the 1 in the picture is a kinky or kinked curve.
But … I just have to ask somebody who speaks English and also knows Nurbs, I am 100% right, right? :sweat_smile:
I am asking because some dictionary says kinky means twisted. And 2 is twisted, and 1 is not.
I just like to clear up this little bug that confuses me from day 1 of Rhino3D.


Hi @Quan_Li
In Rhino (and probably most similar programs) you would refere to #2 as a “self-intersecting curve”.
HTH, Jakob

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OK, got it! Thanks!