Nobody likes kinks in hoses, but I do

Hey friends,
I am working on my final exam at the moment and trying to visualise it as good as possible in rhino. For this I would like to make a long hose with several kinks in different directions. Either 90° or 60°.
Somehow I can not figure out how to make it look realistic. The hose becomes a very flat elipse more ore less at the kink.

Thank you for any help! It can be done either the basic way or with rhino, both would help.

PS: Let me know if you need any further information

Welcome @n.miranda94
More info please. Start HERE

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What’s ‘the basic way’?
Can you upload rhino file?

In nurbs modeling the rule of three is in effect for corners. 3 points to make a corner… try it.

in the example below- notice all the points are identical, BUT the distance between 1,2,3 changes the shape of the corner A LOT.

same in sub d…your edges need to be in sets of 3 to make a corner, how far apart those three are will determine how tight the corner is.

in your case you need to either add an edge on either side of your corner and make them closer together, or take your existing edges and pull them closer towards the center of your corner. I’d bet inserting an edge on either side of your corner center would be the ticket, but you’ll have to play with it and see.

use caution here… you do not need to ad 10 new edges…the rule with subd is add only what you need, delete everything you can, and do as much with as little as possible.

Follow that concept and your models will be nice and smooth.

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Hey guys thanks already for the help and feedback, even though I missed to insert some important information and the file.

Some more explanation beforehand. I am quite new to more complex forms in rhino than the basic geometric forms (still a student). I might not understand everything at once, but will give my very best to understand it, use dr. google or last but not least, ask here.
So far a tried pipe to line and several ways with the loft. My goal is to draw different line-skeletts and let the pipe go the same way with kinda realistic kinks.

Hose with kinks.3dm (6.5 MB)

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Make sure the length of the cross section of the flattened bit is the same or close to the length of the circular cross section. Of course.


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model it close then turn on your control vertices for the surface and refine/sculpt it further by pulling the cv’s

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The tip with the vertices worked very well! I will still try to figure out how to simplify it, so I don’t have to do that on every corner.

Thank you very much for that already!


you can use BlendSrf , edit your control points and
you can finish quickly

blend.3dm (5.2 MB)


I still think, assuming you want it to look real-ish, you need to adjust the blend so that the total section is more or less the same as the round hose.



Hey friends,
thanks a lot for the help! I was able to play around a lot with BlendSrf. I also took notice about your tip @pascal. Makes a big difference! The result is very close to where I want it. The only thing I couldn’t fix is the amount of lines (not sure what the right name for them is - visible in the shaded viewport) the command uses. I noticed that you should be able to remove some, but with me it did not work. Not sure what I did wrong there.

Hose bent.3dm (813.8 KB)


Hello - the dense iscurves are part of the deal when you blend between arbitrary edges- there are cleaner ways to model this but I doubt the result will be better in any measurable way in this context. You can turn isocurves off per object (object Properties) or in the display mode (Display panel settings is the quickest)


iso’s off in the properties of each surface or object you want to visually “clean up”

surface stays the same, just looks cleaner on screen-

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You can try a rail sweep, also rebuild the cylinders to grade 3 so that a polysurface is not generated.

Blend.3dm (2.2 MB).

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Sick project. I would do this with Kangaroo!


Attached is a basic concept which can be further automated.

20_04_17_hose_mrtn.3dm (170.3 KB) (315.3 KB)



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