About my.mcneel training page

@brian, @Rodri
Hi guys,
we had a talk on Barcelona about how to improve the my.mcneel website for trainers
I have 2 main suggestion and both are related to the calendar:

  1. Adding the ability to schedule course also with custom repetition (once a week in my case)
  2. improving the user page by limiting the number of visible course on a specific time period. In other word adding the ability to define custom period for training search.

Another issue is the slowness of the website when updating information.

An addition could be to be able to copy a specific course directly to a new specified date, instead of coping the instance and have to modify it manually.


Thanks for writing this down, Riccardo!
I agree with you, these two ideas would help us improve the site (I’m not 100% sure about the second idea, but you do have a point)