A way to screencapture and send to print with one button?



Hi guys,

I am wondering how one would go about having a physical button, from Arduino for example, which when pressed, makes a screencapturetofile (with transparent background), saves the file and sends it to a printer.

I have no experience scripting. Would it be too complicated?


Any ideas on how to achieve is?

(jesterKing) #3

On the Rhino side have a plug-in that listens for events from your device. When one you are interested in run the view capture and print commands, maybe just the print is enough (haven’t used it before).

You’ll probably have a client software, or driver of sorts, running on your computer to which the device is attached.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are already solutions for arduino that makes hardware look like a joystick for instance, so you could handle events for that family of devices