A volume from a closed polyline?

I’m a newby and need some support, which I couldn’t or find in the different help resources.
My english isn’t perfect, but I hope it is understandable.

My problem:
I have a quite simple closed polyline, which I would like to convert into a volume. It is a shape of an owl and should finally be cut from wood.
Maybe the commands in english and german are not really identic.
According to the analysis it is a closed polyline and all point are planar. I failed to create a volume by different described methods. For an experienced user probably no problem, but I spent now 2 hours.
The file is attached.
Maybe someone could give me an advice how to solve or go on.
owl.3dm (39.3 KB)

Do you mean area??
Volume is for three-dimensional geometry.
Area can certainly be calculated.

Large owl : Area = 552273.853 (+/- 0.046) square millimeters
Small owl : Area = 5502.14049 (+/- 1e-06) square millimeters

Hope this answers your query :slightly_smiling:

Rupert Enberg

By “create a volume” do you mean create a 3D solid shape with a thickness? If so, you may want to try Extrude Planar Curve > Straight from the “Solid” menu. (Command line - _ExtrudeCrv option _Solid=_Yes)

You will either need to select all the curves that comprise the large owl outline before extruding, or Join them first.

HTH, --Mitch

No, sorry, Rupert,
My mistake,I was not clear enough.
I failed to create a volume by extrusion (in z-direction) of the closed line, but I failed also to create an area of the closed polyline, which I could extrude.
The final volume should be an (flat) owl with the thickness of the wood (~18mm).

Seems to work here…

Select all curves and use Join to create a closed outline. If you select all the unjoined curves, it’s also possible to extrude them without joining first.

owl-1a.3dm (68.7 KB)


Hello Mitch, thanks for your help.
In my menu the option of the command was “solid=no”.
No idea why.

Thanks for the support.

Did you choose the Extrude command from the Solid menu or the Surface menu (it’s in both places). It’s actually the same command, you can always just click the command line option Solid to toggle it between Yes and No.


Mitch, now I checked also the surface menu, also there the solid option was set to “no”.
A good explanation why it didn’t work, but that’s the leaning curve for me. :slightly_smiling: