A very simple geometry with many issues

File: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wC3NxGTrEUsD3G44f30JgE7asRBGWRxd

Ok so I feel like there is something that Im missing in using Rhino. This is a very simple surface with many perforations, but I feel like a 600MB is too large for this. Is there a better way to do it? Also, I simple cannot complete this task of spilling the perforations out of the surface. It works when I split with just one curve, but when I select all of them the program just freezes until I force quit. The most I kept it running was for like 12 hours and then decided it wasn’t going to work. It is apparently using all of my CPU and Ram when its running, but it just never finishes. For some reason, the split worked for the first half of perforations and it took like 15 minutes. But the right half isn’t working. So what am I doing wrong here?

I’m running a MacBook Pro with an i7 7700hq and AMD Radeon 550 16GB RAM.
The viewport runs very slowly and takes 5 minutes just to change viewport styles. I don’t think this graphics card is helping at all, but the single thread performance of this CPU is decent. Not sure whats happening here. Is it JUST the file size? I am thinking of buying a dedicated PC for Rhino with a desktop class CPU, but only if my current hardware is really underpowered.

The file contains a lot of hidden objects that bloat your file.

Your simple geometry is unnecessarily complex, here some things I did that worked for me in Rhino6 on Windows, I don’t know if everything works the same on the Mac (and no doubt other users have better ways of doing this):

Open File


Delete all but the pattern and some curves, save file. Only 13MB left

Revolve profile around z-axis, note how much simpler the object is.

The white pattern curves touch or cross the isocurve near the edge. This causes problems when splitting later on, mainly missing splits for some curves in the outer ring.

I used ScalePositionsto move all the curves in the pattern towards the center, but retaining their sizes

Project the pattern onto your donut shape, removing the projected curves from the bottom part - this will take some time.

Select donut, Split, select projected curves and hit enter. After cleaning up the 5400+ surfaces from the split holes and saving I end up with a 55MB file.

I’ve uploaded the v6 and saved as v5 files to my google drive here:


I mainly wanted to see your object in Raytraced so here we go:


LIFESAVER! I guess its more about knowledge of how the programs works over buying the most expensive gear.