Rename block when copying into file with excisting block


Usually when I have the same block in two different files, and I copy the block from one file two the other, Rhno renames the imported block.

Let’s say te block is called “Chair” in both files. When copying it between the files i renames the imported block to “Chair 01”

Now it seems to not do that anymore. Has it changed with the latest update, so Rino doesn’t rename the blocks with same name aymore?

If so can I toggle the function on/off somewhere, or do anything to easily rename multiple blocks as copys?

It was a very cool function, since it is an easy way to rename multiple blocks. Selecting all the blocks you want to rename, copy them to an empty file, and copy them bac to the roiginal drawing.

Hello - the current behavior is to ask, if names are the same but the contents are not recognizably the same - a rectangle rather than a circle.
I’ll try to make you a tool for renaming blocks to new copies - I think maybe maybe someone has done this already…