A Solution to Generating Plans

It there any recommended process for generating plans in Rhino for Mac?

It has been said that the new and improved Make2D will appear in some future version. Is there anything we can do now ?

hi Jim, I’ve been using the layout feature for a while now, it’s definitely improved over the last 12 months, great for creating plans, elevations, detail drawings etc

My biggest problem is that i am unable to get a correct hidden line view with layouts.


Can you please elaborate on this and/or provide a file? What specific combination of display mode settings are you talking about here?

I’m trying to get a hidden line drawing. Here I have gone to PEN view and large parts disappear.

When I use MAKE2D I get many dropped lines.

Yes, we’re aware of the problems in Make2D. It has been rewritten from the ground of for Rhino V6.Unfortunately, that doesn’t help Mac users for quite a while.
After V6 for Windows is released, the Mac Rhino Work-In-Progress will shift over to the shared V6 codebase and Make2D will get a lot better.

It would be interesting if there were some interim method that might even use Windoze emulation.

Have you tried the “show tangent edges” option in make2D?

I’ve tried show tangent edges on and off. Here is what it looks like with on:

The “fix” will be when Mac Rhino moves to the shared codebase where Make2D has already been replaced with a much more robust solution.