Messy Make2D in Rhino 7

Make2D is real nightmare in Rhino 7. Results are completely random, some parts or lines are missing, hidden lines are prioritised over visible etc.
technical view:

Make2D settings


No-one will be able to properly help without a Rhino file


@rajaa , @GregArden - is this something you can help with?

Sadly, this is a longstanding problem.

Make2D is very iffy.

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Make2D was completely rewritten in v6, but still is quite unusable.

Fortunately, there aren’t a lot of bad things in Rhino. The only two steps backwards when I went from Turbocad to Rhino were edge fillets and Make2D. Turbocad can do those two without the user having to think about. However, the number of other issues in use Turbocad greatly outweighs those in Rhino.

I see the issue and have logged to our bug-tracking system to investigate [RH-67386]
Thank you very much for the report.