A paremetric box

Hi guys,

I’m new to grasshopper and I’m doing a kind of project analysis. I tried myself to create a box (building volume) which has a constant number of sqm doenst matter the change of lenghth, width, either height. But probably my knowledge about grasshopper is not deep enough that’s why I come here for help and I really appreciate.

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Is it surface (m²) or volume ?
Do you want slider for all the values ? If so yes it could be difficult !
Parametric tool needs parameters and algorithm (area = length * width )

It could be more simple to define a ratio (length/width) for example going from 0.01 to 100 for example and a slider for area from 1 m² to 100000 m² and that’s all !!

box ration.gh (7.6 KB)

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Two problems:

  1. If you change one of the dimensions (X, Y or Z), which one of the other two should be modified?
  2. There is no parametric input to change the value of a slider.

xyz_box_2019Jul12a.gh (6.0 KB)

Hi Laurent, it would be surface and height should be constaint within 3 number 4.5 , 9 and 13,5. I tried to look in grasshopper toolbar to find any thing like x belongs to (4.5,9,13.5) like I always do in math but couldnt find it.

But thank you very much for your reply :smiley:

Thanks Joseph :slight_smile:

Aha! New constraints on the problem. Any others we should know about?

Wait a second… Height is irrelevant to surface area of the “ground floor”. This problem is getting more obscure, not less. And a now “block size”? I give up, sorry.

haha! that’s it and the block size is 4000 sqm which has to remain the same :blush:

Haha I believe that I did it. Thank you all !!!