A generic error occurred in GDI+

Hi all,

I have a python script that works both in Rhino 6 and WIP. But in BETA the message “A generic error occurred in GDI+” occurs ALMOST every time I use it.
Is it a bug or can someone please give more info of what the problem might be?
The script is a sort of multiprint to PDF using guidance from the PDF discussion thread of @stevebaer.

Thanks in advance

There was a bit of debug code that ended up in the previous BETA. @DavidEranen already fixed that, but it will be out only in the next BETA.

We should have a new beta soon, but if you are needing this right now you can grab the beta I posted a link to in this thread.

Thanks for the info,

I can wait, just needed to know if there was any problem on my side.


No problem on your side. I accidentally left a debugging statement in the code that saves the bitmap being printed to the C:\dev directory and luckily David caught my mistake. I bet if that directory exists on your computer the bug would also go away :slight_smile: