A error of Rhino Python? How to do?


I have a question.
I have try in the python 2.7 IDLE, it works ok. But I have try in rhino python,
It shows that: Message: No module named win32api

The win32 modules are Python C extension modules that provide access
to various windows api’s. Currently IronPython can not use CPython C
extensions. How can I do? Please help me.

Thank you.

Maybe http://stackoverflow.com/questions/127912/how-to-use-win32api-from-ironpython gives you information you can use to do what you need to do.


Sorry, but you can’t directly use CPython from Rhino which means you can’t use tools like IDLE. Rhino’s python implementation is based on IronPython which is completely different from CPython. On one hand you can’t use the C extensions in this version of python, but you can use all of the .NET framework which is something that you can’t directly do from CPython.