C- python from Iron-python Environment


I wrote my python code with Rhino Common and I would like to call python 3 for optimization porpuses. How can I call C-python from Iron-python? I am not using Grasshopper, oderwise I would use the CH-Component or Hops.
Maybe using a server? maybe importing the optimization libraries as .dll in my code? anybody did that before? it would be nice to hear more about the possibilites…
Thanks in advance


personally I wait for Rhino 8 support of CPython, cause there are plans to support CPython there.
Currently I use Hops, but it’s some kind of workaround to use CPython in GH.
I guess guys from @alpaca4d found some way to call CPython from IronPython when they develop Alpaca4d plugin, but I’m not familiar with their method.


@alpaca4d Marco and Domenico it would be interesting to hear some tips from you on this :slight_smile: Thank you in advance.