A day in the life…

… of a Grasshopper 2 documentation graphics illustrator.

The GH2 documentation system provides the possibility to generate images at runtime, so creating them through code (or downloading them through code) is pretty easy. I’ve been working on some images for the Topological Faults content today.

It’s fun in a very geeky way.


Ah, but is it quicker and easier than manual methods, or is it just geek fun? :grin:

Depends, a sequence of similar images can be very quick to generate through code. I can also generate them at very high resolution without having to ship megabytes and megabytes of image data in the installer. Making changes to existing images can also be very quick.

But no, assuming an image is never modified once made I can probably do it faster by hand in XaraX…

A subset of images are made directly from computation though, so at least for those it makes a lot of sense to use the code directly. For example: