Could grasshopper do this: Load images of a folder, proceed each image as input of definition, and then capture views in the end of each solution season


I like to achieve some level of automation by grasshopper. I’d like to know is this possible by grasshopper coding.

  1. A list of image files lies in a folder. These images will be my input source.
  2. The grasshopper will use the image for computing. The definition takes an image file and run.
  3. After finishing computing, save capture of view on hard disk of each input’s outcome.

Do you mean just adding a texture to a material so it can be rendered on an object?

For that you don’t really need Grasshopper, but it could be done through that as well.

For creating 3d models from images.

You mean to use the image is input so that your definition reconstructs the object in the image?

That sounds like a machine-learning/AI problem to me.

I suppose with the right knowledge and an unknown amount of custom code you could do something like that.

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I should say use pixel data to manipulate points of surface.

Maybe a drawing would help explaining what you are after.

If it is just displacement you could do that with GH or with just Rhino scripting, or write a plug-in with say C#.

So far I wrote a grasshopper plugin that take an image to generate 3d relief tile. For each computing I select one image file a time through “path” component “Select one existing file”.
I want to can select many images at once, and then automatic proceed each image one by one, and save view captures of every tile generated.

To do this in Grasshopper without creating new C# or python components check out Pancake (import and export functions), Fabtools (for capturing the view) and Anemone to loop the whole thing.

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