A better way to convert decimal inches to ft'-in"

(Rickson) #1

Is there a better way to do this?? Currently using Rhino 6 Elefront Dimensions and Deconstruct Dim to accomplish. Which doesn’t appear to work in R5, which this large project needs to be in.

Thanks in advance.



(Rickson) #2

A old cluster i found, seems convoluted, but works…

ARCHDIMConverter_gh0.9.0076.gh (42.1 KB)


Is there a way to upload .ghuser files to the forum? I have a Python script for it but I’m blocked from uploading…

(Tim Stark) #4

ZIP should work


Awesome that works.

in to ft-in.zip (3.3 KB)

(Rickson) #6


I made a small formatting change. 103 ft - 8 9/16 in to 103’-8 9/16"

in to ft-in 2.zip (3.4 KB)