6_Dof Beam

Hello there,

I have some problems with the 6Dof beam components.
In the first figure, with the start&end node connected to the frames, it can be managed to locally twist the beams. However, the beams are not connected as one system.

In the second figure, with the start&end node disconnected to the frames, the beams are effected each other and they become one system. However, the local twisting didn’t work.

Is there a solution to do both local twistings and combine the beams as one system? @DanielPiker

I post my document here in case anyone is interested in it. Thank you in advance!!!
6DOF beam.gh (25.1 KB)

Is this the behaviour you want?

6DOFbeam_dp.gh (25.3 KB)

wow, that’s exactly what I need. Thanks!
So if the nodes are disconnected, the restrained frame has to be the xy plane. Am I right?:slight_smile:

The ‘Start Node’ and ‘End Node’ inputs of the beam are used to identify which 6dof particles it acts on.
For another goal (such as the support) to act on the same oriented particle, it must be identified with the same plane.
If no input is given here they default to the World XY plane.

I hope that makes sense.