Bending Active Gridshell

Hi @DanielPiker,

I am working on a bending-active gridshell and am digging into the 6dof Beam component and would love to understand the theory behind this further.

I read with interest this thesis on implementing a 6DOF DR routine from ITKE - how does the current implementation in Kangaroo 2 compare with this?


Hi Lucas, (51.5 KB)

I’ve made an attempt to calibrate Daniel’s 6 DOF beam goal in K2, which might be useful for you.
I’ve used Daniel’s code as basis and added some comments to make it more clear to myself what’s going on. Then I’ve added extra parts to the code to calibrate the goal according to real material properties (following the work by Sigrid Adriaenssen’s “Stressed Spline Structures”).

It’s still at an early stage but it is possible to test it if you want - see attached file for a simple supported beam with a point load at the middle. Moment and deflection are close to the analytical and Karamba results. Still needs more testing and 6 DOF supports but I’m working on it. The torque weighting also needs adjustment to find a good convergence speed.

You can also modify the code yourself from this branch on Github:

K2Engineering.gha (101.5 KB)