3x3 Rule of Thirds Grid in Rhino?

Hello, does anyone knows if the feature 3x3 grid exists in Rhino 3d?
I would like to see the grid in my viewport to adjust the composition of the image I want to render.
Best, Krzysztof

There is the 4*3 field grid:

Thank you! Better that than none!

you can always produce one yourself and put it on a locked layer its very fast, just an array of straight lines points or whatever you want. we are becoming so lazy with those computers, amazing :smiley:

I think rendering engines should have such a grid, because Rhino’s grid vanishes when turning on interactive rendering…

Is it possible to draw 3x3 grid, that is changing its size along with changing the size of viewport? I don’t think so…

I’m using Maxwell Renderer as a plugin to Rhino on Mac. It seems not to have the 3x3 grid feature either.
3ds Max had it.

if you group the camera object with your grid, you can move the camera anywhere and the grid always stays relative to the camera, its maybe not very convenient to work like that but if you have nothing else it may help.

Well, i don’t think that this solution will work. I’m looking for flexible 3x3 grid that is adjusting its size along with adjusting viewport. It should speed up my work and make it more comfortable. Sticking to fixed image proportion (once you have drawn a 3x3 grid manually) will only make it less convenient. Anyway thanks for your time.

This is pretty hacky. Probably there is a better way to go about it. Uses a GH definition that gets the Far Plane Rectangle Corner points then constructs lines across and subdivides them. You can change the sliders to have any number of divisions vertically and horizontally. Works on the active Viewport and is kind of distracting, but then again, I don’t do too much rendering or image composition.

ViewGrid.gh (17.3 KB)

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This one is a bit better in that I don’t use the Far Rectangle directly. The previous suffers from drawing the far plane points, which in turn, causes Rhino to recalculate the far plane indefinitely. This one fixes that.
ViewGrid2.gh (15.2 KB)

Ok, last one with some explanation of the different parts of the definition.
ViewGrid3.gh (18.0 KB)

I guess a ‘Wallpaper’ grid image could work for this. Just toggle it off when you’re shot is set up…


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i guess my first suggestion was a bit premature, but i think pascals solution with the wallpaper should be perfect for that, so easy yet so sufficient, little hacks which keep dropping out of the brain when you never use them :smiley:

Hey! It’s working, but only in one proportion of the image at time.
I made 2:1 grid (3000x1500 pix) for horizontal image - Then adjusted the viewport to 2:1 proportion, and it kind of fits.
I can move camera around and grid stays in place. It’s good to precisely define focal points on image.


  1. Though, when I change my mind and let say want to make 1:1 proportion of an image, I would need to change the grid in photoshop again.
  2. Viewport image is in background and it would be better to have it on the top of geometry (like in cameras)
  3. a plugin for Rhino such as ‘‘mCam grid for 3ds Max’’ would be soooo handy!

For Rhino WIP (Rhino 6) I created a simple plug-in that gives three different composition rulers:

I’ll try to have this work in Rhino 5 as well, but I first need to have that installed :slight_smile:

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That seems like an answer!

Hi there, is there any progress on the Rhino 5 version of the plug-in?
It would help me lot!

Sorry, no progress on this front. Currently all my time is eaten up by preparing the RhinoCycles for release. Best to keep prodding me so that I don’t forget about this when my workload becomes a bit easier (:

Late to the party, but this was awesome. thank you!

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