.3dx file from 1992! Help needed for 3d model archaeology :D

Hi all,
I’m trying to rescue an F-15 Strike Eagle 3D model from 1992 in .3dx format, which seems to be legacy Rhino. Rhino 7 can’t open it, as far as I can tell.
Could someone help me crack this please?
Many thanks in advance.
PS. There is a Godzilla (Easter egg) in the game which I also want to rescue from the sands of time. They will both live in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 :smiley:

Hello- what happens if you rename the file to .3dm?


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thanks pascal! i tried that and it can’t open it. apparently rhino 4 can open it!
I’ve attached the file.
PS.rhino 2 and 3 also should be capable of opening it:

F15AIR3.3DX.zip (17.4 KB)

Do you perhaps know someone who owns Rhino 4 (or 3 or 2) who could convert this to 3dm or another modern compatible format? Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I’ll have a try.

Indeed it does not appear to be a rhino file - it does not have the expected start secion. V4 does not like it under any name.


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Rhino has only been around since 1998. You say the file is from 1992. Are you sure it’s from Rhino?

– Dale

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Good point! Not sure at all. Sorry guys for the false alarm, I’ll need to do more research. I thought I was so close :smiley:

Any idea whom I could ask about which other formats / programs were around back then for 3D modeling? I see other planes and weapons from the game that are also .3dx files so it does seem like they are indeed 3D models.

It won’t open in Rhino V2 either.
I opened it in a text editor and I can’t tell what it is, but it does not appear to have ever been a Rhino file.

Here is a portion of the file contents including the header:

  ‹W*!BñC"TSd&1Örêy€ ¨  w pÿ   À          À  üÿ @      ûÿ @      ûÿ À     €  À     €   ·<ÃëBÈúÿ  |ͶØ	e     À          À  üÿ À      ûÿ À      ûÿ|Ú2\ò%Åøÿ·Ä9õqêm0úÿ  ·<ÃëBÈúÿ  |ͶØ	e  Ûàé3=ë£tõÿfːÄígõöÿ%é3=ë£tõÿÐÉ}ßãõ5Äûÿš4Äígõöÿ06}ßãõ5ÄûÿJßzÉ»ø¶qýÿ¶ zÉ»ø¶qýÿ   À         À      ªÄïïÆ‘úÿä#È	ò]ÑýÿV;ïïÆ‘úÿîe#È	ò]Ñýÿ @     €  @     €  À        À        @        @          @         @        ¬À<	Cq  À     €ýÿ À     €ýÿ @     €ýÿ @     €ýÿ   @    ÿÿ   @    ÿÿ     @    åÍ5%êôõÿ"eE6¦ëúsõÿ¨ ’ÉÖ÷.!ýÿy>  â

ÿÿ‡Á â
ÿÿ?&ͪÍÿÿ‡Á â
ÿÿy> â
ÿÿ‡Á â
ÿÿy> â
ÿÿf&ÍÌ gfÿÿ @ þÿ À þÿ À þÿ À þÿ @ þÿ @ þÿ À þÿ @ þÿ
Ç{T©üÿîã%8z…¼úÿ ›?af úÿ{ö8¬ùå¨úÿ7ÆenYeýÿàƐK~üÿ À þÿ 9K~üÿ @ þÿ [?óöÏíøÿ À þÿÑÉ~ßØõDÀûÿ/6~ßØõDÀûÿ @ þÿ>4Xiì €öÿ @ þÿÂËXiì €öÿ À þÿ @ € À ÁÙͪÍÿÿ eÀa7 šÙÍÌ gfÿÿ À À Xß’ÉÖ÷.!ýÿØÙÍÙøèUýÿ§%42sód¾øÿ;Oì<ñíÄúÿ·9¢óDç#úÿ‰"Î33ñ¬Êøÿ‰"Î33ñ¬Êøÿ @ @úÿ @ üÿ À þÿA-A- Ïíøÿ [?óöÏíøÿ ¥À$òÿ [?óöÏíøÿ À À øÿA4”$Çú×Húÿ"eE6¦ëúsõÿ˜*õ(mç^õÿ¿Ë”$Çú×HúÿÞäE6¦ëúsõÿhÕõ(mç^`õÿ [?óöÏíøÿÁ=p©îýÿ#˜4
œÐúÿ ‰=•üúÿðܘ4
œÐúÿ?Âp©îýÿ˜Ö"Ýh™óÿ¿Ë àå¹3öÿh)"Ýh™óÿA4 àå¹3öÿ

ƒÉý\TüÿÇ6 Oò…¹øÿÝ!Ì2ÐìúÍõÿJ.sòšq÷ÿóÁƒÉý\Tüÿ9É Oò…¹øÿ#ÞÌ2ÐìúÍõÿ¶Õ.sòšq÷ÿ À T?Äö½Žúÿ T?Äö½Žúÿ ¬À< Cq À @ ¿Ò¿Ò 1a óö[?úÛ
@ @ h)݁"˜f A4àå GÌ ˜Ö݁"˜f ¿Ëàå GÌ a a
ee #!$!$%’(%&(),/2+/2,.2+02
#$4#433ee #
# eea

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Thanks John for taking the time! This seems tough to crack, now. I’m looking at the history of Rhino and it’s not clear to me if there may have been a precursor to Rhino which I could try to find:

The 3DX file format was a temporary one when we were developing a new version. We were worried that people would make a file in the WorkInProgress and not be able to open it in the current version.
It was only a partial success.
The point is the 3DX file format did not exist prior to official release. If my old memory is correct, 3DX was part of the V3 development cycle.

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Thanks once again for taking the time! I’ll try to find which other programs pre-1992 used that extension. Cheers guys!

Than export it from Rhino 4 as 3dm !

Check this but it is too old


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ah cheers, but it was an erroneous assumption on my part, from another thread i saw. kind folks here tried to open it and it didnt work

interesting!!! haha cool. does this use 3dx files 1992 or older? thanks for the lead :smiley:

Hi @henry_j

A little googling reveals that the .3dx file extension was used in Strike Eagle Eye, a set of open source tools for the F15 Strike Eagle III game. See, for example, Strike Eagle Eye - Reference Manual (sourceforge.net)



maybe this utility:
Window and Mac versions


WOW HOW DID YOU FIND THIS?? :smiley: Thank you so much Jeremy!!! What a lead. Maybe I can find this software!

looks good! i downloaded it and will try to run it again (there’s a permission issue on macos with the program, but i can solve it), i suspect this may be Rhino’s early 3dx (the one that caused the ambiguity that brought me here) but it’s word a try. Thanks cdordoni!