3dx file won't open in Rhino 5

In the depths of my hard drive I found an old 3dx file. Does anyone have the old version of Rhino (2?) installed that will open this file? fluted bowl.zip(828.8 KB) If so could you save it as something more recent?

hi nick, try below part saved as rhino 5 file:

flutedbowl.3dm (133.1 KB)


@dalelear, can you open this file? Is there some reason Rhino 5 cannot open it?

Rhino 4 will read .3dx files and Rhino 5 used to.

As a work around for Rhino 5, rename the “fluted bowl.3dx” to “fluted bowl.3dm” and Rhino 5 will read the file.

It appears the Rhino 5 code that supported reading files with .3dx extensions has been removed. I’ve created bug RH-22334 so Rhino 5 will read files with a .3dx extension.

– Dale Lear

Thanks all! That worked fine. I’ll remember the renaming trick next time.