3dm furniture files for Architectural Interior

where can i find 3dm files of furniture(beds, chairs, lamps, sofas etc.) for interior rendering.?

Flying architecture got some good stuff:
I can’t reach the site right now though.

http://dimensiva.com/ is a site I haven’t tried yet but the models looks really great.

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Are you willing to pay for it? Fancy or stuff?

If yes: https://www.designconnected.com/

If no: https://www.polantis.com - https://www.polantis.com/ikea


You can buy some 3DM furniture models directly from McNeel

Also FlyingArchitecture… --Mitch

Rhino Resources list:

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Hi @d_pace23

Depending on the detail level needed - and if meshes aren’t a problem - check out 3D Warehouse

HTH, Jakob

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I’ve made some 3D models of classic design pieces as part of a model sharing platform I’m building. You can download them here: