3DM → DXF → Rhino: Black turns into white


  1. Open filled_circle.3dm (26.0 KB). The circle is filled solid black.

  2. Export to R12 Natural DXF.

  3. Import DXF. The circle is filled solid white.

What is going on?

I’m on BETA (6.0.17339.11131, 2017-12-05).

Hello - it looks like you need to tweak one setting in the dxf export:

Set that to rgb and it should work - any luck?


No. When using R12 Natural, then Color by RGB cannot be enabled. It always reverts back to Color by AutoCAD index.

RGB colour values would not have existed in the R12 format. ACI colours only back in those days!

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What’s going on is that black is written as Acad color index 7 which is black on light backgrounds and white on dark backgrounds in Acad. Rhino has no such concept but when an Acad file is read, the current Rhino background color is used to decide whether to make the object black or white for color 7.

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