3D terrain model for printing

We got a fun project to 3D modell a terrain that will be a prop in a video art project.

  • The terrain was downloaded as a geotiff through a custom tool
  • Trails were traced from the aerial photograph that was automatically mapped onto the the 3D terrain and then built with another custom tool we use for these kind of things.
  • The building was built with nurbs, based on height data and reference images
  • The stone wall was made by making a long mesh with a custom made displacement map, rendermesh extracted and flowed along a surface that had the correct shape.
  • All meshes were overlapping and/or solids and then ShrinkWrap was used to generate a massive, watertight mesh.
  • Then scaled to correct scale and sliced up with meshboolenintersection against cubes. (one by one, since doing it in strips and then slicing them upagain just caused Rhino to hang)

This would not have been so straight forward without Rhino 8’s new ShrinkWrap, so thank you McNeel.

And here is a screenshot of the model prior to making it solid, adding the stone wall and finetuning before ShrinkWrapping and slicing.

Can’t wait to see it printed, each slice is 24x24 cm and the tallest one is 23cm high. Total size of model will be 120x90cm.

And as you can see if the terrain was used as is then the model would turn out a bit booring in this size:


Well done! would love to see the final video for the art project, keep us updated on how it goes!

Yes, looking forward to see any results.

You are not mentioning the location, and I won’t tell, but, by coincidence, my eldest daughter just discovered the Franklin D. Roosevelt statue in this place when participating in some Easter Egg hunt this past Sunday…

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Well spotted :wink: and I’ll keep you posted!

Nice work Holo,

We used to do a lot of this kind of modelling and modelmaking, pre-ShrinkWrap and without very costly Magics software:

ShrinkWrap has completely changed the game for what was once a very convoluted workflow! :smiley: