3d scanner app for iphone 12?

Has anyone found a decent 3D scanner app for iPhone 12 that uses the LiDar scanner?

I’ve been looking for a good in phone 3D scanning / photogrammetry solution after the demise of 123D Catch. I was hoping the iPhone 12 with Lidar would do the trick, but after trying a number of apps I still haven’t found one that comes close to achieving the results of 123D Catch.

I’ve tried Scandy Pro, 3D scanner app, Canvas and Polycam but when using the rear camera with LiDar or the front camera with TrueDepth I’m still getting sub-par results, especially with objects smaller than 2-3 feet. Larger objects are passable, but the definition is never really there.

123D Catch would send the captures to AutoDesk servers, so I know it wasn’t a truly in phone solution, but that isn’t an issue when you’re getting great results.

Anyone have better results?


Are you using the results for reverse engineering?

Sometimes. Or to get a model good enough to 3D print, or to cut sections from.

there are a few out, none all that great. At least not good enough to use for any real reverse engineering. I’ve used polycam and 3dscannerapp both will give you something … but not much is actually useable.

If you find one that works please post it here!