Looking for Freelance Grasshopper Guru

Hi, I am a Rhino 3D modeller based in Australia. Most of my 3D modeling is done from Pointclouds generated with 3D laser scanners.
I am looking for a Grasshopper Guru to help me automate Feature extraction from point clouds (Primitives like Cubes, Cylinders, Spheres, pipe etc.
Please contact me if you can help.

You could also look at this plug-in: https://www.rhino3d.com/resources/3267

Hi Mike, maybe you should try posting into the Jobs&Portfolio’s category.

Also, it is not clear right away what kind of job you need. Is it only native grasshopper or maybe you need someone with coding skills too? Personally I didn’t understand what you mean by “feature extraction from points clouds like cubes, etc”

Generally it’s a difficult topic, from an academic viewpoint, given most likely features are combined.

I tried Resurf, my Antivirus software found a Virus, deleted it and my Rhino install :frowning: