3D Print Your Designs Locally

3D Hubs aims to give Rhino users the easiest possible way to bring their digital content into the physical realm. That’s how this plugin was conceptualized and how it’s been designed. Offering up 14,000 3D printers worldwide, in over 147 countries, Rhino users now have access to metal, plastic, nylon and just about any other material that can be 3D printed, just around the corner from your home or office.

To access one of the 14,000 3D printers on 3D Hubs, ensure your Rhino model is printable using our tips to prepare your mesh (foundonthepluginpage), export your .stl from Rhino to 3D Hubs using the plugin and choose a 3D print location. You can pick up the product at the preferred printer location or have it shipped to you.

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Posted Mar 27, 2015 by Dale Fugier on Rhino News, etc.