3d object appears dark in rhino

I changed my windows and installed rhino and when I tried to draw sphere , the sphere appears very dark .
I don’t know why ?

Hello - can you make sure that in Options> View > Display modes > Shaded (assuming the image is from Shaded) is set to defaults?

Also, please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and post (copy/paste) the results here.


Options is ok.
I don’t know the reason of this .

How much experience do you have with Rhino? Which display mode is the viewport set to?

Viewport is on shaded .
Before changing windows , I didn’t have problem with rhino and all thing was right .
But after changing windows and installing rhino on my device , this problem appeared .
I asked my friend to see if that happens on her device or not , she has no problem.
and I checked that all settings is right from her.
So I want to know the reason of this problem.

enable the OpenGL setting to use your video card

Hi - Pascal asked you to post the SystemInfo from your Rhino. Please do so…

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It might help to be running a legit copy of Rhino.


What Service Release are you running?
If you run SystemInfo as mentioned already, and post the info, then it might be easier to help you.


Ok :point_up_2:

Yeah, so your Rhino is out-of-date, not legal, and you seem to have no video driver installed. That might cause some OpenGL issues.


Can you tell me please how do you know that the program isn’t legal?

I toke rhino from my friend that her program work well and installed it .
But shaded option can’t be found !! :point_down:

System info :point_down:

I don’t know the reason but I think that changing windows affected on some thing that make rhino doesn’t work well.


“Undefined” means you don’t have a legal license. It’s not legal if you didn’t pay for it.
(exception - an evaluation license, but then the license type will say “evaluation” and tell you how much time is left before it expires)

Copying the program from a friend is not paying for a legal license.

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You can’t “take Rhino from a friend,” that’s not how software licensing works. And system info says the license is “undefined.” And it’s a year out-of-date, Rhino gets updated about every 2 weeks. Got it? Are you 12? This is the official product support forum from the developers of the product, this is not the place to ask about issues with your crack.


@alaasedrah You can download the 90 day Evaluation Here
System requirements are here
Have fun!

Hi - other than the problem with the Rhino version as indicated by others here, you also have a problem with your hardware - or it least with some of the drivers thereof.

I can only assume that you have a GPU but Windows can’t seem to find it:

You’ll have to find out which GPU you have, find current drivers, and install those.