3D from 2D photos

Can anyone tell me, does Rhino have the ability to take a series of photos of an object from different angles and create a 3D model? Essentially what I’m trying to do is create a bust from photos of a person. I tried Autodesk’s 123D Catch but that program is impossible to figure out how to work. And when I try to render it gives an error about not connecting to their server.


Yes and no.

You can use pictures as a backdrop in the viewports. If you have some simple geometry, like a box with known dimensions, in your pictures, you can try to find the 3d position of various other feature points… That workflow is heavily manual and works okay for simple geometry. Don’t expect to get fast or easy results for general geometry.

123D catch is pretty simple. The Software is just a frontend to gather and stitch the photos. All actual processing is done on Autodesk servers. So you will need to have a valid Autodesk login, an internet connection and have the App unblocked from your firewalls and Virus scanners. Other than that it’s just “Drop Photos”, “Upload”, “Download”, “Export”.

Thank you very much for your reply!
Looks like I need to find a different solution.

Hi Sak - you might want to look for RhinoPhoto - http://www.rhinophoto3d.com/


Also look at AGIsoft’s Photoscan. Ideally you would shoot with multiple cameras simultaneously for live subjects. I’ve seen a few example done with a single camera that look pretty good, but the subject needs to as motionless as possible.

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I use PhotoScan by AgiSoft www.agisoft.com to create dense point clouds and meshes from sets of photos. Standard version which I use is $179. The meshes and point clouds can be imported into Rhino. I have also used PhotoModeler www.photomodeler.com

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whoops. I was jokin and screwin around too much. Back to business, and keeping threads on topic, and not ending them with my wackiness.

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Hey thanks cdordoni & davidcockey! :smiley:
Sounds like Photoscan might do what I want. I’m going to download the demo tonight and see. I’m not sure I want to spend $179 for something I’ll only use once, though. But if it looks like it’ll work, would either of you be interested in making the file for me? I have 32 pics that I could upload somewhere if you’re willing.

Thanks so much.