3 Text Dots in file, can only find 2?

When I do Ctrl + A, the commandline says I have 3 text dots

Bounding box shows me only a rectangle meaning all 3 must be in this area.

However, when I deselect them one by one I cannot find the third one. When I window select over the area it says I only have 2 Text Dots. Any clue what’s happening here? I will say that all 3 dots were generated from code.

231221 3 Dots.3dm (35.3 KB)

One of them is invalid:

Rhino text dot object is not valid.
ON_TextDot::CenterPoint() is not valid

That’s why it does not show up. Delete the two visible and then do a SelAll and then What.

Primary text: 0g
Secondary text:
Center point: (-1.23432e+308,-1.23432e+308,136.851)
Height in points: 14
Font face: Arial

Note the XY coordinates… It’s at minus infinity in X and Y.


Thanks for checking @Helvetosaur. I realized it was a bug with my code, but am surprised that an invalid text dot is possible to be added to the document.

please mark as solved / above answer as solution - thanks.