How to create a series of arc / circle in a matrix ? (based on sketch)

My idea is to create a series of circles in a matrix where all circles are randomly shaped like in the image above.

I started my figure by offsetting a circle and creating a surface between the original circle and its offset. I then divided the part I wanted by lines. The figure ended up looking like this.

Now I want my figure on the right to look like the left one that I created on rhino and then I distribute it into the matrix that would show how the shape is randomly sized and placed.

if I understand correctly, you would need to trim the circles on the position you already got, loft the segments and then move to every point and randomly rotate them with the circlecenter as rotation center.

I think it’s easier when you post the file

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I’m starting to see a pattern here (pun intended) :sweat_smile:

I’d go with the Arc component, defining an angle domain with random start and end for each cell.


Arcs (18.7 KB)

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The Arc component actually helped I never thought about it.

I really appreciate your time spent doing this. Super grateful <3

nooooo, you were faster :stuck_out_tongue:
I used @magicteddy s recommendation with the arcs instead of trimming fun. (10.2 KB)

btw, I recommend going through the seed slider, it graphically shows how the values flucuate depending on their position. really fun to watch.

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Wow dude, that’s great too. I’ll actually go with that and mix what HS_kim gave. Really appreciate it from you all.

Same for me, the only difference being that my solution used multiples of Pi/2 :smiley: (13.6 KB)

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I wanna build a script in Grasshopper that would look similar to my idea

Most probably the goal of the vast majority of Grasshopper definitions.

In other words: not the best topic title…

How about:

How to create a series of arc / circle segments in a matrix?


Yes that is exactly what I wanted to reach <333