2d/3d Boolean in MOI

Im taking a wild guess that this would be a similar workflow in Rhino with history enabled? Seems pretty fluid. It works very much like mesh fusion in Modo.


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Hi Scott You can replicate this wiith Rhino and Grasshopper with a couple of nones. But once you do, you realize it’s so sluggish that you lose the interactivity when you have more that 2 simple objects intersecting. So what it was supported to be fun and freeing turns into anxiety and agony.

probably showing these preview with mesh Boolean proxies makes is faster if the code uses some of those new techniques for real-time mesh-booleans, many of them came out on papers in the last couple of years.

Yes, we should have such an approach in Rhino. And it should be part of history. This is especially important for SubD form development combined with nurbs detaling such as holes, part splits, mechanical details, etc.

I’ve discussed this workflow with McNeel folks many times. They know it’s cool, it’s just really hard to pull off well. Keep in mind that probably the typical MOI users makes a model like that demo. And the typical Rhino user, well, you already know.


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Thank you Gustavo,

Yeah ive actually done something similar in grasshopper (although very basic) but more to use as clipping objects for creating non destructive cut aways similar to Modos “render booleans” . It works pretty well but i have yet to use it in a practical and useful application. As for this method in MOI while it does offer an interesting and quick way to do concepts (this is why more concept artists use Moi vs Rhino) there is a point where concept and practical application diverge….at least in the film industry. Id have to say as far as the list of needed improvements for Rhino this is further down the list. I need filleting to work better more than i need this.
Again thanks for the feedback. I see things like this and always wonder how many of them are more gimmick than useful tool. Its helpful to hear from people like you who produce real world products vs the make believe stuff i do.


hi Scott, the WIP has booleans history enabled which should do just that. here an example together with “constraints”

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Thanks for sharing that. I would say this looks more like solidworks (using constraints) vs what Moi does. Thats a good thing. It means better and more accurate control vs just eyeballing it. What is interesting about the MOI “I-sect” is its pretty fluid it appears as far as doing “quick sketches” without a whole lot of set up. Again a better tool for concept artists than designers that have to take things to production.