2 Tangent radius arc not working


I am making some profiles for a chair covering that I will do a 2 rail sweep on once the profiles are complete. I have made several profiles already using the 2 tangent radius arc but am suddenly confronted with the tool not working anymore on the profiles I have remaining… I have restarted the computer twice and the same thing is happening. When I go back into the profiles I had success with the arc too I can still do arcs, but on the other profiles it is not working. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong here?..


It seems to be a bug, and only works in the horizontal-ish Cplanes and not at all in the more vertically inclined Cplanes. Anyone encountered this before?..


Can you post a .3dm file with the curves/lines you are trying to create an arc between?

…actually, it appears that I am the bug. I had the cplane ever so slightly misaligned to the sketch I was constructing. It works now. You can’t see it but I’m red-faced. Apologies.