Failing at an arc sweep between curves

Hi everyone,

I’m very much in n00b territory yet. I’m trying to reproduce something more or less like this:

How can I connect those curves properly? Lofting is a disaster because of the difference in the number of points between each curve.

I’m completely stumped by this one. How would you do this?

Thank you so much.

cubefail.3dm (98.9 KB)

Try 2 rail sweep.
cubefail2.3dm (2.6 MB)

Can you elaborate on how you’re building the arcs? I think that’s where things are breaking: I’m not making the arc align properly (which I suspect is why you have that guideline over it, right?


First i create an free arc like on pic. then i use _Orient (2 point) with copy=yes and scale=3d i klik then begin and end arc then place it on that mid. line like on picture above.

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Yes! This did the trick. Thank you so much.