2 RhinoScript additions wish


Hi @Dale,

We have 2 more methods that would be helpful to add/enhance:

  1. UnrollSrf to get Curves/Points/Dots as additional argument and return the output ones in same-order as input array

  2. New method: SelectedGripsObjects(arrGrips) - currently I don’t think there is a way to tell which objects own the selected grips (unless we scan all objects and try SelectedObjectGrips on each of them). The new one would return a list of object IDs that own the grips - either and array of IDs for each grip or just culled array of IDs to scan with SelectedObjectGrips…



(Dale Fugier) #2

I’ve added this to the pile:


How about just using ObjectGripOwner?


Hi Dale,

Thanks! With the grips, I’m still not 100% sure how to do it: the ObjectGripOwner requires a grip ID which I get only via GetObject etc. RhinoScript methods. I have a case where the grips of many objects are preselected before running the script. How do I get their IDs? Rhino.SelectedObjects returns Null… Am I missing something? Thanks for your help-


(Dale Fugier) #4

Use GetObjectGrips and set blnPreSelect equal to True.


Works like a charm… thanks again Dale : )