SelectObjects event does not fire when selecting grips

Hi all.

As title, SelectObjects does not fire when selecting grips.
(but works fine when selecting other normal geometries…)

In this example, OnSelectObjects() is not being called when selecting grips

Rhino.RhinoDoc.SelectObjects += OnSelectObjects;

void OnSelectObjects(object sender, RhinoObjectSelectionEventArgs args){ ... }

Any workarounds? Am I doing something wrong?

I’m working for a custom gumball for grips…

Hi @maje90,

Because of their transient nature, selecting grip objects does not trigger a RhinoDoc.SelectObjects.

For gumball-type stuff, use PickContext.


– Dale

Hi Dale, thanks for the answer.
I remember I’ve explored that sample, but it is still using the internal gumball method, with 3 rigid orthogonal arrows… correct?

I’m near to finish this:

I have the foreground UI elements, clickable and all.

My problem is that now, … how to detect when grips are selected?
I can only constantly loop through selected object list and check for changes, which probably is badly optimized, a bad idea…