2 major RS Editor nuisances

There are two glitches in RhinoScript Editor that - if fixed - would make our daily scripting life much easier. There is more, but these two I was hoping should be a relatively easy fix:

  1. GoTo line - (Ctrl+G) - the focus should be on the input line and the default text highlighted, so we can start typing right away. Having to click or click-and drag every time makes it inconvenient.

  2. Switching between tabs - the tabs should remember their state before switching to another tab once back to it: state of collapsed definitions, cursor position, text highlight and scrolling position. Currently when switching back-and-forth between tabs, it expands all definitions, selection highlights disappear and the position in the script sometimes changes too. This makes copy-paste between scripts and side-by-side comparisons much more difficult.



1.) The GoTo dialog in the Rhino WIP has changed - you might want to check out out.

2.) Agreed - http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-34633

Hi Dale,

I looked at the latest WIP Editor before posting. I like the simpler look much better, but I still can’t type the line number right away - no focus and it seems only to highlight default line number on first run, and even with that I have no focus on the window text. Does it work OK on your end ?



Seems to, yes.

Hmm, over here it will not type in the GoTo box until I click the input line.
I will test on some other systems later today and report back.

Hi @Dale,

just checked on few other computers. On all of them I can start typing right away only on the first show of “GoTo Line…” dialog, later on it will not work without clicking. Maybe you can test it on other systems too ?



Hi Dale if I may hijack this topic. Could a goto be added to the python editor as well?

In the broader perspective: why not have a single Editor for scripting?



It’s been discussed here on several occasions. Its a fair bit of work, and we have many other issues we (currently) think have higher priority.

Fair enough. :wink:

Thanks Willem

Hi @Dale,

The GoTo in current RhinoScript Editor WIP still seems to work OK on the first run in terms of the line number to be highlighten and ready to type. Every next run seems to remember the focus of the last action (OK or Cancel) so I cannot type the line number again. Can anyone else see that on their end ?

EDIT: if you hit “ENTER” after typing the number it’s all OK and highlighted; however if you mouse OK or Cancel, the focus stays there on the next run. Should be always on the line number…