Analyse multiple Karamba3d models? - best way

What’s the best way to analyse multiple Karamba3d models?

I can think of 2 options:

  1. Assemble multiple models and analyse them simultaneously - however its quite easy to get into problems with convoluted data trees
  2. Run a loop (e.g. with Anemone) - added complication & need to build a way to store the data between runs

I want to analyse a structure with elements in different places. I don’t want to optimise in one go as I want to build graphs showing the impact of geometry changes. i.e. more of a brute force approach.


Hi @leo.h.hyde,

You can definitely assemble multiple models but it is possible to analyse multiple models in one setup, but the results from the Analyse component will only display one maximum displacement, but of course you can build a setup to split the results from the specific numerical results components.

The loop method could work, but its maybe more building on an existing setup, rather than making different setups. You can use the Data Recorder to store the data.